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What you need to know about the Panama & Paradise Papers

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | International Tax Law

This most recent leak is composed of over 13.4 million documents. Of these, almost 7 million are from corporate registries involving over 19 tax jurisdictions. Those implicated by this leak include a large span, ranging from wealthy citizens of the United States to politicians and celebrities.

What is the big deal? Certain offshore jurisdictions provide tax benefits. When used wisely, individuals and businesses can take advantage of tax savings. This generally requires transparency and reporting to proper tax authorities. An attempt to hide assets using these types of accounts is illegal. This type of violation can result in penalties ranging from fines to prison time, depending on the details of the offense.

The BBC notes that these documents provide evidence of the use of foreign accounts and serve public interest. If the accounts were not properly accounted for, criminal activity may be present. In the past, similar leaks have resulted in exposure of wrongdoing. This is particularly important when it comes to those who hold political office. Thus far, at least one of President Donald Trump’s officials has been connected through these papers to a firm that is connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What can everyone learn from these leaks? It is important to realize that these leaks impact more than just celebrities and politicians. Anyone with an offshore interest is at risk of exposure. As such, it wise for those who hold foreign assets to take these leaks as a reminder of the importance of getting into compliance with applicable tax laws.