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Navigating The Audit Process For A Diverse Clientele

A tax audit is an intrusive, difficult experience. If you have received notice that you will be audited, your next step should be to contact a lawyer. Many individuals and businesses facing an audit will first retain an accountant or other tax professional. While these professionals can provide skilled guidance, they may also be forced to divulge financial information you believed to be confidential. When you hire a tax attorney in your audit defense, your information will be protected by attorney-client privilege.

At Goldburd McCone LLP, we guide individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations through the audit process. Our straightforward, strategic approach to all areas of tax law has led to favorable outcomes time and again.

Your Ally In All Aspects Of An Audit

An audit is an extremely delicate matter. If the IRS or New York State Department of Taxation and Finance believes that you made erroneous deductions or failed to report income, it could substantially increase your tax bill while also levying penalties and interest. In the most serious cases, it could even bring criminal charges.

Our lawyers will compile all the evidence and present your position in the most favorable light possible. We know that an audit is grueling, and we will work to ease your burden and make the process as painless as possible. If the IRS does claim that you or your business owes additional taxes, we can present an appeal to the IRS Appeals Office if necessary.

We dedicate our firm’s resources to helping clients mitigate risk in situations such as:

  • Residency audits for people who have recently relocated out of New York to a low-tax state (and compliance consulting prior to moving from New York)
  • IRS individual income tax audits in New York state, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • IRS audits relating to personal expenses as business deductions
  • Providing legal support and guidance during sales tax audits, defending vigorously based on evidence and case law
  • Nexus audits with regard to Amazon or any other e-commerce situation

Additionally, our lawyers’ familiarity with tax planning strategies helps high net worth individuals take advantage of the legal loopholes designed to decrease tax obligations.

Working With Nonprofits That Are Facing Audits

The IRS frequently audits charities and other nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. These audits are complex and often time-consuming. Having successfully represented many nonprofit organizations in audits, our lawyers understand how the tax code relates to these organizations. We will prepare appropriate documentation, answer any questions and show the IRS that your organization is complying with applicable regulations.

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