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Counsel To Business Owners Seeking Successful And Tax-Intelligent Transitions

Our lawyers at Goldburd McCone LLP provide tax-intelligent corporate counsel in business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for retiring or existing business owners. This “sell side” specialty practice not only incorporates more routine corporate negotiations and agreement drafting, but also adheres to our root specialty in tax law. Our advice thus helps clients leverage more advantageous selling structures. Our mergers and acquisition services include:

  • Preparing a business for sale: We conduct a thorough compliance and corporate structure test to ensure that any possible issues are found and cured properly.
  • Establishing a baseline acquisition structure: We guide business owners through the possible structures for a sale, the tax and legal issues associated with it, and how they affect the company’s bottom line.
  • Negotiating letters of intent: A strong LOI negotiation can establish proper guidelines for the entire transaction from day one.
  • Overseeing due diligence: We work with a business’s current advisers to streamline the due diligence work and create a smoother transition.
  • Negotiating and documenting the transactions: Business sellers may think they are the most vulnerable party in a potential sale with a better-capitalized acquirer. However, we prove that the business is the commodity, and our attorneys negotiate from a position of power for better results.
  • Prepare the seller for transition: Above all, we are counselors in all respects. After a transaction is complete, we continue to advise our clients going forward in their future endeavors.

Our Manhattan-based law firm continues to provide private client legal services and general counsel services for these sellers “after the close” as they embark on their new path.

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