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Preventing And Solving Your Sales And Payroll Tax Issues

Complying with the many regulations of sales tax and payroll tax is essential for any company, but it is far easier said than done. The complexities of tax law are difficult to navigate, particularly for small- and medium-sized businesses whose officers must focus heavily on day-to-day operations. Working with knowledgeable counsel is crucial not only for compliance but also for potential audits.

At the reputable Manhattan firm of Goldburd McCone LLP, our lawyers assist clients with all aspects of sales tax and payroll tax. We represent companies large and small to ensure full compliance with state and federal tax code. If you find yourself facing an audit, we will advocate for you through every step of the process.

What To Know About Sales Tax For Out-Of-State Sellers

In today’s age of e-commerce, many business entities do not have a physical presence in their clients’ states. Based on the recent Supreme Court case of South Dakota v. Wayfair, states can charge sales tax to sellers that do not have a physical presence in the state. This means that even if your company does not have a brick-and-mortar location or office in the state, you must still pay sales tax.

What Triggers An Audit?

Audits are a normal part of operating a business. With that said, no one looks forward to them. There are some criteria that can increase your likelihood of being audited by the IRS. These include:

  • Previous tax controversies
  • Irregular patterns in filings
  • Operating in a cash-based industry
  • Terminating operations
  • Filing bankruptcy

In addition to representing you during an audit, we can put pre-audit measures in place to help you mitigate the chance of an audit.

Ask Us About Out Proactive And Reactive Solutions

As leaders in the field, our tax attorneys can help you manage the difficulties related to sales tax and payroll tax. Speak with us about scheduling an initial consultation in which we can evaluate your case. Call 212-235-1817 or send us an email today. We serve clients in the tristate area – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – and nationwide. We also have offices in California and Florida for your convenience.