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Since 1983, our tax firm has skillfully represented individuals and corporations in New York City and Long Island, across the country and around the globe.

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When I first met Steven Goldburd in 2007 I was facing a tsunami of trouble from the IRS. I was terrified. Mr. Goldburd took charge of the situation, calmed me down and worked out a terrific deal with the IRS and New York State. He’s something of a financial genius. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone and I do. He’s the best.
A.S. – NY, NY

Thank you, as always, for your excellent work. We made it through a rough couple of months. You have no idea how much I personally appreciate your good work. This has been an expensive proposition, though you have been well worth every penny.
Warmest Personal Regards,
K.T. – NY, NY

Thank you for the great news. We are extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you for all your hard work on this. What a major relief! It was an absolute pleasure working with you.
Thanks again,
I.G. – I.G. – Brooklyn, NY

Thank you again. From one lawyer to another, it is not easy to find someone to represent you who is also a “mensch.”
M.K. – NY, NY

Thanks again, Steven. Much appreciated — the service you provide is terrific.
R.P. – CT

I thank you very much for all of your efforts on my behalf and on behalf of our organization. The agreement that you received on our behalf was absolutely amazing.
S.K. – Brooklyn, NY

You so rock! Thank you… Thank you.
I will have the first good weekend in a while.
S.N. – California

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all you have done for my family.
Thank you!
S.M. – NY, NY

I’m truly grateful for your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all that you said you’ll do, you did and more. I’ll always remember your good work and honesty.
Please again, thanks!!
E.G. – Brooklyn, NY

After interviewing several tax attorneys, I selected Steven Goldburd to represent me in a state payroll tax dispute. Mr. Goldburd is extremely knowledgeable with regards to tax issues, and is a very effective negotiator with state agencies. Mr. Goldburd spent almost an hour with me during our initial consultation, reviewing all my options and building a strategy. He returns calls and emails immediately, and was even able to get prompt and timely collaboration from state representatives, based on his professional reputation. In the end, Mr. Goldburd negotiated a reduction of over $50,000.00 in my amount owed! I would highly recommend Goldburd McCone for any tax-related legal matter.
S.N. – California

I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding legal services your provided. Not only were you efficient and professional, but warm, kind, and patient as you explained current, and future, courses of action available to me. I would also like you to know that I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues.
With warm regards,
C.G. – NY, NY

Thank you, Steve. You and your firm have been terrific to work with, and have delivered as promised. I would be more than happy to recommend you and your services highly if you ever need me to do so.
Best Regards,
R.P. – CT

I would highly recommend this law firm. I had a tax situation that Steve resolved for me. Two previous tax attorneys that I used were a complete waste of time and money.
N.B. – SI, NY

I highly recommend Steven Goldburd and his firm. His service was absolutely honest, straightforward, and solved my tax issue to my complete satisfaction. No doubt about it, I would use Goldburd McCone again without hesitation.
B.P. – CT

Many thanks for your skill, professionalism and friendship during this sorry mess.
M.G. – NY, NY

I am so happy you are on my team this year helping me resolve these stressful situations! With this and all the work you have done on my IRS case, I feel like I can go into 2013 with a weight off of my shoulders. Thank you again.
T.B. – Brooklyn, NY

Steve, I want to thank you and your colleagues for the outstanding work on my behalf concerning tax matters with the IRS. You consistently kept me informed of the case status and next steps necessary. Your discretion, confidence and performance significantly reduced the anxiety inherent to the situation. You resolved the matter very quickly. The results were excellent and far exceeded anything I could have anticipated.
It was a pleasure working with you.
All the best.
J.V. – NJ

They did whatever was needed and I got change back at the end of the process. Great to deal with.
A.S. – NY, NY

Reliable. Knowledgable. Lucky to have them in our corner!
K.W. – NY, NY

5 Stars!
H.G. – NY, NY

Total thumbs up! Steve got to the crux of the issue immediately and provided prompt, personalized, expert and caring service and attention. If all law firms were like Goldburd McCone, there would be no such thing as lawyer jokes. All kidding aside, working with them was absolutely great and I cannot recommend highly recommend enough.
H.E. – NY, NY

Steven, my wife and I send our deepest and most heartful thanks to you and your team for your help with our tax burden. We had been feeling so overwhelmed by the situation that finding you through a Google search was truly a blessing! Thank you for guiding us through this ordeal. We will always be grateful to you and your team and will continue to turn to you as we make plans for future financial endeavors. You and your team are truly amazing!
C.T. – NY, NY

Steven was very helpful throughout my whole process setting up my LLC and was available for me to answer any questions I had!
N.W. – NY, NY

Steve Goldburd is an excellent lawyer and I highly recommend him. He helped my family with a tax issue and get the results we were looking for. Thank You Steve.
C.A. – NY

Steve is more than an attorney, more than a tax professional. At a very difficult time in my life, he provided, not just excellent counsel and representation, but comfort and encouragement without which I might not have survived a protracted battle with the IRS which I didn’t want and didn’t start, but which, thanks to Steve, Ben, and the rest of the team at Goldburd McCone, I absolutely won. I used to write recommendations for a living. I know how much they mean to those who rely on them. That said, I can honestly give Steve and Goldburd McCone my very highest recommendation.

Steven Goldburd was very attentive to my needs and came up with a satisfactory solution. Highly recommended!

I have used Goldburd McCone personally and recommended them to my clients. Always delivered above and beyond expectations. Smart, efficient, responsive. I highly recommend them.

Steve is an excellent attorney. He handled my case in a very thoughtful and professional manner, and I grew to very quickly trust him and legal advice completely. Thank you, Steve!

Mr. Goldburd was great! He helped me at the start of growing my business and provided me with the tools and information I needed in a professional and timely manner!

My wife and I had a change in circumstances making our yearly taxes more complex, but I kept doing them myself anyways. I made some small but critical mistakes and ended up in a bad situation with the IRS. I found and consulted Goldburd McCone, and they explained everything to us in layman’s terms so that we could both understand what I had done wrong, and what had to be done to rectify my mistakes. We retained them, they fixed our problems, and they continue to do our taxes every year. I would not hesitate to refer Goldburd McCone to anyone!

Goldburd Mccone is professional and has integrity when providing advice and counsel when helping you deal with the IRS or any other situation in a timely way.

Jay and Steven Goldburd and Associates (Chana) are the best, just the best; knowledgeable, timely, professional, Just the Best!

Led by Steve Goldburd, the team at Goldburd McCone constantly proves themselves to be thoughtful, responsive, and proactive advisors and attorneys. I give this firm my highest recommendation!

When I first met Steven Goldburd in 2007 I was facing a tsunami of trouble from the IRS. I was terrified. Mr. Goldburd took charge of the situation, calmed me down and worked out a terrific deal with the IRS and NY State. He’s something of a financial genius. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone and I do. He’s the best.

We were thrilled from beginning to end! Very professorial, Extremely knowledgeable, and saved us a lot of money and aggravation!!

The firm and individual attorney were a pleasure to deal with and fully understood and comprehended the situation and issues.

I’ve found them to be on the front lines of knowing the current tax laws to help my business

Excellent service, competent, friendly.

Excellent help