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Dedicated And Knowledgeable Legal Assistance With Commercial Rent Tax

Tax law regarding commercial rent tax (CRT) can be intimidating and complex. The situation may turn even more complicated if you receive a notice of audit. Perhaps you may want to appeal the tax authority’s decision after auditing your CRT obligations. You will need experienced and reliable legal assistance dedicated to your case.

Our attorneys at Goldburd McCone LLP, have extensive experience in a wide range of tax issues in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida as well as in all matters related to international taxes. We have become our clients’ reliable tax advisers throughout our professional careers and stand ready to address your legal needs.

A Legal Ally To Assist You In CRT Audits And Appeals

CRT refers to the tax that commercial property tenants should pay to property owners. However, CRT only applies to certain states, like Florida and New York. CRT in Florida is currently 5.8% of the total rent paid except in Miami-Dade County, where the CRT is 6.8%. In New York, commercial rental spaces located south of 96th street pay 6% of the base rent.

If you are facing an audit or were unaware that you had to pay such a tax, you need to act immediately to remediate your situation. An audit could be triggered by the detection of suspicious activities or at random. Based on a thorough analysis of your current circumstances, we will create a legal strategy to assist you in addressing the required formalities, collecting the required information and meeting the deadlines. We will also explore whether you can apply for a partial exemption. For example, if you pay less than $250,000 in rent per annum, you may be eligible for such a benefit.

At our law firm, we can also help you exercise your right to appeal a decision by the tax authority after an audit – for example, before the NYC Department of Finance. Although the government provides forms and a convenient online process, you must duly back up your request and clearly explain why you disagree with the decision reached. We know the law and will explain why you can appeal the decision based on the law.

We know that all issues related to tax law are complex and may have negative consequences if not appropriately addressed. At our law firm, we have helped individuals and businesses like yours overcome their current difficulties and set their situations on the right paths.

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