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Tenacious Defense To Criminal Tax Matters

While every tax controversy demands the attention of experienced legal counsel, criminal tax charges are on an entirely different level. Aside from the potential financial penalties, criminal tax matters could lead to fines, probation and even incarceration. If you have been contacted by an IRS special agent, the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the Department of Justice Tax Division, you need to immediately align yourself with strategic, dynamic legal counsel.

At Goldburd McCone LLP, our lawyers vigorously defend taxpayers against the full range of tax controversies, including criminal tax matters. While based in Manhattan, we defend clients across New York, as well as nationally and internationally.

We will leverage our experience and skill to challenge any type of criminal allegation, including:

  • Tax evasion
  • Tax fraud
  • Tax obstruction
  • Filing falsified returns
  • Failing to file a return
  • Money laundering
  • Spousal protection
  • Household help issues
  • Payments received “off the books”
  • Check kiting
  • Reporting fictitious expenses
  • Tax shelter abuses
  • The misappropriation of sales tax and employment tax trust funds
  • Unreported income
  • Employee misclassification
  • Structuring large financial transactions to skirt federal reporting requirements, also known as smurfing

As soon as we are retained, we begin developing the strongest possible defense to these allegations. We will carefully analyze the facts, identifying any weaknesses in the government’s case. By doing so, we may be able to prevent the federal government from bringing an indictment. The earlier we are engaged in your defense, the more options you are likely to have.

Even if the government brings an indictment, we will work tirelessly, identifying all evidence that could lead to the mitigation or dismissal of the charges. Whether we resolve your case through negotiations or litigation, we will do our utmost to protect your rights and preserve your freedoms.

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