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Striving To Resolve Tax Collection Issues On Favorable Terms

The IRS wields extraordinary powers when attempting to collect delinquent taxes. These powers include the power to place a lien on your property, levy your bank accounts and even seize your assets. If the IRS has assessed unpaid taxes and is threatening these or other actions, it is critical to align yourself with skilled legal counsel.

For decades, the law firm of Goldburd McCone LLP has been a strong resource for individual and business taxpayers across Manhattan, New York and beyond. A substantial portion of our full-service tax practice involves defending taxpayers facing serious tax collection challenges.

The IRS Is Not Infallible

The IRS can miscalculate tax debts, rely on incorrect legal theories or make other mistakes. As your attorneys, we will carefully investigate your case to determine your actual tax debt, if any exists. We will then argue your case to the IRS and even the United States Tax Court if necessary. Over our firm's history, our lawyers have shown the IRS that it has made assessments in error or that it overstated, sometimes dramatically, the amount of taxes actually owed. Through our efforts, the IRS has withdrawn tax liens and refunded money it levied. You can view our Success Stories page to see examples of our work.

Even if you do owe taxes, we can work with the IRS to find alternatives to liens, seizures and levies such as:

  • Installment agreements
  • Offers in compromise
  • Penalty abatement
  • Innocent spouse relief

Our depth of experience and knowledge means that we can give you every opportunity to achieve a successful outcome.

Providing Holistic Tax Representation

In addition to helping you resolve your current tax situation, we want to help you in making wise tax decisions moving forward. We are counselors in every sense of the word and want to give you the information you need to avoid future entanglements with the IRS.

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