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Choosing The Right Firm

The Privilege

Many taxpayers initially attempt to handle an audit proceeding on their own. Some even enlist the help of competent tax professionals. Unfortunately a complex audit can be a daunting and confusing task for any individual and uncommon ground for even the best tax professionals. Taxpayers are then shocked to learn that their tax professional can be forced to disclose confidential matters to the IRS or other governmental adversaries. When you hire a tax attorney not only do you enlist a competent, highly trained, and extensively educated tax professional, you are then protected by the iron-clad Attorney-Client Privilege.

The Privilege creates a safe zone in which any and all communications between you and your attorney is considered confidential to all outside parties. This allows a client to divulge substantial information which may aid their cause without worry. Inherent in this is the security that should a taxpayer require litigation, which only an attorney could provide, the IRS or other governmental agencies will be unable to compromise the privilege.

The "Right" Tax Firm

One must be discerning in their choice of representation. In choosing a tax firm you make a decision that will have a substantial impact on your money and your life. What attributes will ultimately make your choice an easy one? There are many attorneys and many with advance degrees just the same as in our firm. The difference is in the commitment Goldburd McCone, LLP devotes to our clients, the respect you will be shown immediately when walking through our doors, a unique experience you will be otherwise hard-pressed to find. You will know it when you can always speak directly with your attorney. You will know it when your questions are answered accurately, knowledgeably, and in a way that puts you at ease. The "Right" Firm does not simply resolve your tax problems, it reduces the ordeal itself.

Please! Do Not Let Time Pass!

Why allow your penalties and interest to grow without cause? If you ignore these issues they will not simply go away, they will worsen quite efficiently. A right of appeal can vanish, your credit rating could plummet, and of course there is your home to consider which may just as easily be taken from you. The quicker we are able to step in and help you, the more likely it is your tax problems could be solved without severe consequences.

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