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On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Firm News

Welcome to our rebranded identity. A focus on the Goldburd Name is more than just utilizing a logo. It reflects who we are, what we do, and how we help our clients.

Why Rebrand?

Goldburd McCone LLP has come a long way since Joe and Susan began the firm in 1983. Our services have expanded to include many disciplines in tax law, including income tax, sales tax, transactional tax structuring, property tax, workers compensation and unemployment insurance -both for-profit and not-for-profit, foreign and domestic.

We also advise on Research and Development Credits & Qualified Opportunity Zone structuring.

As the diversity of our service offerings has grown, our client base, talent and footprint have grown right along with it. We have opened additional offices, including two new locations in New York – one in Rockland County and one in Long Island. In addition to this, we now have three locations nationally in business hubs such as Lakewood, New Jersey, Hollywood, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

While our firm continues to evolve, we assure our clientele that our management and family-oriented style remains paramount to the services we provide. With three Goldburd family members at the helm, we are aligned to continue to provide intelligent counsel with focused individualized attention.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce our new visual identity:



As part of the ongoing evolution of Goldburd McCone LLP, our new identity reflects who the firm is, what the firm has become and what we strive to be in the future.

The new logo maintains the venerable blue “GM,” which reinforces that each client is working with a well-established team. While we remain focused on family-oriented management and personal attention, going forward the Goldburd name is now being stewarded by a younger generation, those who will blend cutting-edge ideas and acumen to the benefit of our clients.

Although our visual identity may have changed, our motto remains stronger than ever: “Intelligence in Tax, Determination in Advocacy. Excitedly we add “All Tax. All the Time.” as a motto to encompass all the services we are ready to provide.

Give our family a call to discuss your tax issues.

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