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Outline of a tax evasion case: Construction VP provides an example

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Criminal Tax Issues

There are many situations that can result in allegations of tax evasion. In a recent example, the government accused a vice president of a construction company of evading tax obligations on funds received at work. The case began when the New York State Police and Manhattan District Attorney’s office investigated why construction costs within the city were so high. The investigation dug into allegations of “pay-to-play” schemes throughout New York City and Long Island’s construction industry. Ultimately, investigators claim to have found evidence to support allegations the vice president received bribes in exchange for getting sub-contractors jobs within his company’s construction projects.

In order to find evidence of the crime, the investigators followed the money. The vice president allegedly received millions in illegal cash kickbacks for getting the sub-contractors work on these projects. He also allegedly received free construction work on his own properties.

It is not uncommon for allegations of tax evasion to come with additional criminal charges. In this case, additional charges for those involved in the alleged scheme included conspiracy, money laundering and commercial bribery. When presented with the evidence, the vice president chose to accept a plea deal. He awaits sentencing later this year.

The VP will likely receive a harsh sentence as the government continues to crackdown on white collar crimes like tax evasion. Earlier this year, the court sentenced a subordinate who accepted a plea deal for charges connected to this investigation to two years imprisonment. As such, it appears likely the VP will also receive prison time.

Those who face similar allegations of wrongdoing are wise to take the accusations seriously and build a defense to the charges. The attorneys at Goldburd McCone are familiar with these types of charges. Legal counsel can review the allegations and tailor a defense strategy to your specific situation, better ensuring your legal rights are protected throughout the process.