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Supreme Court of Israel temporarily delays transfer of tax information to United States

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2016 | FATA, FBAR, International Tax Law

Regardless, on September 1, the Israeli Tax Authority was to begin transferring information of U.S. citizens with Israeli accounts to the United States in accordance with FATCA. These plans were delayed and possibly derailed, however, when the Supreme Court of Israel ordered the temporary halt of this transfer. The Supreme Court of Israel will hear arguments into whether Israel is obligated to follow FATCA in mid-September.

What are the implications of FATCA for people with American and Israeli citizenship?

Israeli citizens who maintain dual citizenship in the United States who have more than $10,000 in a foreign bank account are already required under U.S. law to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Report (FBAR) statement. Under FATCA, the information provided to the U.S. Government could be far more extensive, raising privacy concerns.

Furthermore, these laws have practical implications as well. Many foreign financial institutions will refuse to allow Americans with dual citizenship to open accounts, citing the cost of compliance with FATCA and other laws.

As to how the Supreme Court of Israel will rule, no one can be sure. Some analysts believe it is unlikely that Israel would potentially harm its relationship with the United States over the release of bank account information. Others believe the Supreme Court will take a different approach. Whatever the Court decides, the result will have far-reaching consequences.

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