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Is that charity organization really tax exempt?

The holidays are a time in which you might feel the need to give to those who are less fortunate. As the season of good tidings approaches, you realize that you’ve had a blessed year for your family and business, and now you want to contribute money, food or toys to a charity organization. Donating in-kind is an easy way to give back to your community and, in turn, earn a tax deduction as the year ends. But, how do you ensure that the organization asking for your resources is really tax-exempt and supporting the cause they claim?

The IRS is Getting Tougher (But Also Nicer!) in 2017

The IRS is constantly updating and refining its tax collection processes. In recent months, the IRS has formally announced many changes to its tax collection procedures. For taxpayers with delinquent taxes, some of these changes may create additional challenges. Some of these changes, however, could be welcome news.

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