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April 2019 Archives

What is the mansion tax?

New York state legislature just agreed to increase the tax bill for high value properties in the state. The law, known as the “progressive mansion tax,” requires property owners that purchase a property with a value at or above $1 million to pay a larger tax bill.

New York taxes and residency: Is the state changing the rules?

New York state taxes are some of the highest in the nation. As such, those with the means often spend significant portions of their year in other states. Florida is a prime example. There is no income tax or estate tax in Florida. As a result, wealthy New Yorkers often winter in Florida to claim residency and save on their tax obligations.

New tax law, new tax bill? Options if you face tax debt.

Sweeping tax reform can be a good thing — or not. Many Americans throughout the country have found themselves facing a surprising and even unmanageable tax bill. What to do? In most cases, you should still file your tax returns. A failure to file can result in additional penalties and fees.

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