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October 2018 Archives

Do you owe Uncle Sam if you inherit property? 2 considerations.

The loss of a loved one is often a difficult and emotional time. The last thing anyone wants to think about when going through this time in life is tax obligations. Unfortunately, in some cases, these are considerations that must be taken into account.

States pass new online sales tax laws, will they survive?

Taxation of online transactions is notoriously difficult. What does it take for a state to claim enough interaction to require a tax obligation? This question has led to many legal battles, the most recent of which made it to the highest court in the country.

The power of the IRS: Did you know about this potential penalty?

It is no surprise that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will impose penalties if you do not pay your tax bill. The agency is clear about its ability to fine taxpayers' various penalties and fees and, in some cases, potential for imprisonment for failure to meet our tax obligations.

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