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September 2018 Archives

You've been summoned by the IRS, now what?

In general, unless you are expecting a refund check, a letter from the IRS is an anxiety-inducing experience. Occasionally, the IRS sends out an Information Document Request ( IDR), asking for information. While you do not have a legal obligation to comply, if you fail to respond or comply with the request, the IRS can escalate the case to a formal summons.

Restaurants accused of tax fraud, face state and federal charges

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has accused five restaurants to tax evasion. The charges include claims the restaurant owners made use of software called “tax zappers” to remove revenue from their books. Instead of properly claiming proceeds from their restaurants on tax returns, the government claims the owners removed cash from registers and used the funds to pay employees under the table.

You have mail: What to do when the IRS asks about a foreign asset

Those who are savvy in their financial planning efforts likely have diversified their investments. For many, this includes the use of financial assets. When done wisely such planning is legal and beneficial. However, a simple misstep could result in a failure to report the assets to the proper authorities.

Investment strategy leads to allegations of tax fraud

Investing assets is a complicated business. As such, it is not uncommon to hire a financial planner or to seek advice from investment professionals to aid in creation of an investment strategy. In many cases, this can lead to a strategy that minimizes risks while maximizing benefits. In some, it can lead to financial catastrophe.

IRS provides guidance on “crack and pack” planning technique

President Donald Trump pushed through tax reform at the end of 2017. The Trump administration stated the new tax law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) would result in tax savings for many Americans. Unfortunately, it has also led to confusion. Many provisions within the law are unclear and taxpayers are struggling to determine how the law will impact their returns.

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